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Drawn to the Sea – Toward the Sea – Ward of the Sea.

Seaward is a representation of our relationship to our local beach community. As Venturans, we chose to live here because we are drawn to and have a bond to the sea.

We are a group of friends from the local community. Like a family, each member pulls on their various areas of expertise and experiences to create quality beers. It is our goal to promote a positive sense of community.

Quality above all else. Seaward Brewing has a simple goal of making outstanding beer. Starting with careful crafted recipes and finest ingredients, we endeavor to create top quality beers.


We are committed to the Craft of creating unique and solid beers. Whether brewing a traditional style beer or pushing the envelope, our focus is attention to detail and precision execution by using quality ingredients and a strictly monitored process.


We strive to bring fresh beer to the local Community. The making and enjoying of quality beer should be a communal experience. We want nothing more than to enjoy great beer with great friends.



Seaward Brewery Interior

 photo credit @MomentsInBeer


  • 3.5 BBL Brewhouse (size allows flexibility and experimentation)

  • 2- 3.5 BBL Jacketed Unitanks

  • 2- 7 BBL Jacketed Unitanks

  • RO water (build water back to desired minerality)

 photo credit @MomentsInBeer


 photo credit @MomentsInBeer